At Estcourt Christian Academy we offer Learner Based education where each child is treated as an individual and works at THEIR OWN PACE until they have mastered and understood the concept.



mastery-based learning

Each student is required to master each fundamental tool before proceeding to new material. Each student is met at their own individual performance level, and then advanced through the curriculum at their optimum rate of achievement.

godly character training

ECA grades 8-12

IEB (NSC) Exit Examination

  • The IEB is an internationally benchmarked qualification and is equivalent to Cambridge AS level.
  • The IEB is at the forefront of innovations in terms of improvement of examination systems and processes.
  • The IEB ensures that it keeps abreast with developments in assessment, by actively participating in regional and international assessment associations.
  • The qualifications assessed by the IEB enjoy international recognition.
  • The IEB, through their assessment, is motivated to develop learners who are:
    • Critical thinkers
    • Ethical reasoners
    • Problem solvers
    • Creative and reflective thinkers
    • Long-life learners
    • Respectful of diversity, particularly in South African context

ECA Sport

ECA sport has seen a radical change over the past couple of years with Sarah Kuhn taking over the coaching of the sport. The children are trained with fitness using the KeenFit gym which has recently been established at the school.

KeenFit has been a great “hit” at the school and town with many people joining the KeenFit club.

On the left photo we see Tiaan Eden about to score a wonderful goal with coach Sarah making sure her team are ready for any challenge.

In 2018, ECA was almost unbeatable in all their matches playing schools three times in number and fielding mixed teams with some very junior players.

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