There is an urgent need for the many orphans in our area and beyond to be cared for in a loving, Christian environment and, in this regard, God answered prayer and an ideal property in Colenso became available, which we purchased in October 2001. This property is now called Ikhaya Lethu (Zulu for a�?Our Homea�?). It took 3A? years to negotiate and build before we were certified as a registered child care centre in July 2004.

Noel & Yvonne Robson

The orphanage is oversighted by Noel and Yvonne Robson who were part of establishing the orphanage with Pastors Dermot & Glenda Sandalls in 2001. A�Noel and Yvonne have served the children with love and compassion and this very evident after you have visited the home. A�Please consider donating to Ikhaya Lethu so thatA�Gospel of Jesus Christ can reach every child at the home and that every provision will be met for every child.

We are presently at our capacity of 100 children, which includes babies. Application has been made to increase our capacity to 150, as approximately 80 children had to be turned away in 2007.


Pastor Dermot visits Ikhaya Lethu

Yvonne with one of our children


We have 10 fully equipped, 3-bedroomed houses, each to accommodate a house mother and 8 children.

A hall takes care of the childrena��s recreational needs, as well as providing a working area for them to do
their homework each day.



Contact Details for Ikhaya Lethu

Tel: 036 422 2480