Fountain of Life CrechA� is situated in Wembezi, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. It is 13 kilometres from the Midlands Christian Centre church which oversights the school. The crechA� has over 100 children attending with all of them being Zulu-speaking. The curriculum used is called “Step by Step” which is an English based curriculum written by Judi Carnegie who has been a part of the Midlands Christian Centre ministries for over 30 years.


Only R150

For R150.00 ($15) per month you can help educate one little Zulu child in Africa. This cost is way below the actual cost of running the school and employing educated staff. However, it is a start to allowing us to feed a child everyday with a meal that they may not have had if they were not at Fountain of Life. Be part of someone’s miracle as we reach the world, one child at a time.