Estcourt Christian Academy, situated in the beautiful grounds of the Midlands Christian Centre, offers private education education from pre-school to grade 12.

Our Pre-School offers classes for children from age 2 in our Grade RRR.A� Our school readiness programme equips the children for Grade 1 with ease. All our staff are qualified educators who love the children and educate them.

We offer the Accelerated Christian EducationA� curriculum from Grades 1-12.A�This curriculum allows each student to be treated as an individual as they learn at their own pace whilst mastering their schoolwork.

Estcourt Christian Academy is managed by committed staff.A� The schools are over sighted by a school director, together with an Academic Head for quality control.

The Beginnings of Estcourt Christian Academy

The heart and vision of Midlands Christian Centre is FAMILY. Founding Pastors Dermot and Glenda Sandalls visited the USA and saw the Accelerated Christian Education system in operation. What touched their hearts was how caring and nurturing the school environment was, and how the older students took care of the younger ones in a true family atmosphere.

God stirred a desire in their hearts to establish a school in Estcourt which would encompass the same values as those which they had seen. They realised there was a need for this kind of education in the Midlands, and so after many years and much careful prayer, they launched out in faith to start a school.

In 1998, Estcourt Christian Academy opened its doors to 20 learners.A� From humble beginnings, the school now boasts a magnificent campus where children ranging in age from pre-school to grade 12 are nurtured in a safe and loving environment. Glory and honour must be given to our God, for how He has undertaken in His provision and blessing for this work.


Our vision is to ground our students in Goda��s Word and challenge them to achieve academic excellence as they prepare to use their gifts and abilities effectively to follow Goda��s plan for their lives.


Estcourt Christian Academy is a loving community that spiritually and academically equips, challenges and inspires students with Godly wisdom, knowledge, life-skills and character.


The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum is centred around individualised, Bible based, Mastery Learning.A� Each studenta��s educational needs are tailor-made using the principles of ACE.A� Our programme integrates Academics, Character Development, Sport, Technology and Student Leadership.

Jon & Tracy Kuhn

Jon & Tracy Kuhn

Message from our School Director

Thank-you for your interest in Estcourt Christian Academy. I trust that as you browse through our siteA�you will get a glimpse of the heart of our school, which is for every child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and for the Gospel to go out into the world through the lives of our children. I hope that as you glance at the following pages you will be inspired and encouraged to see the mighty work our Lord is doing here at Estcourt Christian Academy.

Thank you again for your interest and I invite you to contact us for more information.

God bless,

Tracy Kuhn


Meeting the Educational Needs of Today with the Traditional Values of Yesterday and the Technology of Tomorrow.