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ECA Preschool is set in the heart of the Midlands and is the feeder school to Estcourt Christian Academy and surrounding schools.
Our well-equipped classrooms and outdoor facilities provide a beautiful and safe environment for a child to grow, learn and play.


The transformative learning experiences at ECA are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom.
We provide a Christian atmosphere that will develop the mind, body and soul of each child.
Our creative learning programmes provide individual attention in a small group setting. 


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Teddies Group

Ages 2-3

Children between 2 and 3 years really want to find out about themselves – what they want and don’t want.

Because they are beginning to talk in sentences, and sometimes say things in a big confident voice, it’s easy to think that your toddler is more grown up than they really are.

The most important thing to remember is that your toddler, even at this age, is still a baby. They can wait a little while, but not for long.

Your toddler can hold strong feelings inside them for a little bit, but these feelings can easily burst out in a rush of excitement, fear or frustration. At ECA Pre-School our well trained and loving staff ensure that your child receives the best care at all times.


Our dedicated, well-trained and caring staff provides a loving, fun, and stimulating learning environment to ensure the best possible academic, physical, emotional and spiritual development per child.

Our daily routine provides a balanced variety of experiences and learning opportunities. Children engage in both individual and social play, participate and large and small group activities, assist with clean-up, socialise during snack time, develop self-care skills and exercise their small and large muscles.

ECA takes the learning process beyond the traditional by applying methods that promote independence, curiosity, decision making, co-operation, persistence, creativity and problem solving in young children.

ECA pre-school - the school of choice

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