What we offer

Estcourt Christian Academy Pre-School has been offering the community quality ECD education for more than 25 years.A� ECA Pre-School is part of the ministry of the Midlands Christian Centre and is situated in a safe and beautiful environment in the residential part of the town.A� We have dedicated staff at the school who are committed to loving and caring for each child firstly and then educating them.

What We Offer: Quality Teachers who are trained in child development and use observation to plan an educational program for each child. Staff who assist in supporting children’s development through positive interactions based on trust and mutual respect. A warm, caring and safe environment that is designed to foster, support and enhance play.

Caring Staff: Each class is staffed by a Teacher as well as aA�Teacher Assistant who provides additional help and care for each child.

At Estcourt Christian Academy Pre-School we are proud of our rich history, tradition, and connections with our families and the community. We value the wonder and excitement of children and recognise these early years as an opportunity for children to play, learn, create, imagine and enjoy.

Our Philosophy

At Estcourt Christian Academy Pre-School:

  • Play underpins our programme, as the means through which children find enjoyment, learn and engage with the world around them.
  • We welcome the individuality and uniqueness of each child and recognise all children as competent, capable and active learners with many strengths and emerging skills.
  • We aim to create a sense of belonging, where children can develop self-confidence, feel valued and connected to others and develop relationships.
  • We assist each child in recognising and reaching their potential in a caring, inviting and stimulating environment filled with engaging open-ended materials, resources and equipment.
  • We foster respectful, collaborative relationships between staff, families and children that will shape children’s understanding of themselves as being significant.
  • We acknowledge and support the child’s family; their values, interests, knowledge and culture. We recognise each child’s family as their first teacher.

Settling In

Starting Preschool is a big step for young children and some may become upset. Past experience has shown that it is easier to settle your child in by bringing them into their classroom, put bags away and drink bottles into crates, wash hands and then take them outside to their teacher.

Watch them settle into an activity and then say goodbye and leave – ignore protests and please do not go back.

A staff photo will be available for your child to help reinforce their names and a sense of belonging within the Preschool.

Parents are encouraged to phone and check that their children have settled if they are at all concerned at any time during the day.

It is very important for parents to have a positive attitude towards leaving their children and encourage and praise their children for calmly separating from them. Sometimes it is better to return early and pick them up and watch them do an activity then, rather than prolonging the goodbye in the morning.

Food for School

Nutrition Policy: Certain foods don’t meet these guidelines, such as chocolate of any kind, sweet biscuits, cakes, roll-ups, muesli bars, rice bubble treats, oven baked fruit bars or dairy desserts (i.e. Yoghurt, Milo). Also high salt/fat biscuits such as “shapes” are not suitable. These foods will be sent home. The Pre-School has a nut-free policy. No peanut butter, nutella or nuts of any kind as we may have children with severe allergies to these products.

Water Bottles: Each child attending is asked to bring a round water bottle labeled with their name. These water bottles are for water only. Please fill the bottle with cold water or a mix of frozen and cold water.

Healthy Lifestyle: A good nighta��s sleep and nutritious breakfast help children to cope with the adventures and fun to be had at pre-school and helps your child to concentrate, problem solve, create and play well to get the most out of their day.

What to Wear

  • Please send a change of clothes for your child, accidents do happen and children do get wet etc when playing outside.
  • Please dress your children in comfortable and sensible clothing that they can manage (eg. buttons and zippers) and that is appropriate for the types of activities that take place at preschool.
  • Please also consider sun safety, no singlet tops, and strappy dresses.
  • Children also need to wear comfortable and safe footwear. No thongs, slides, croc shoes, clogs or slippery soled shoes.
  • Children must bring a hat every day all year round. Hats are worn at all times when outside.

Sun Smart

Please bring a hat to preschool every day, even during winter months. Clothes with sleeves that cover shoulders and upper arms are best.A�PleaseA�apply sunscreen before your child comes to preschool. We will reapply it when necessary. If your child has an allergy to sunscreen please advise staff.

Arrivals and Collections

Arrival Time:A�Before 8:00am

Collection Time: 12:30 pm

  • As staff areA�required to set up and pack away, we ask that parents observe school times carefully and arrive to collect children promptly.
  • Late collection fees of your children do apply. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for details.

After Care: From 1:00pm to 3:00pm. There is a fixed cost of R200.


  • Children must be taken to and from their classroom by an adult and the attendance book signed with the arrival/collection time.
  • We encourage the child to help pack and unpack, put away bags and wash hands on both arrival and collection.
  • Parents must notify the child’s teacher if someone other than those nominated on the enrolment form will be collecting their child.

Getting Involved

Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in the programme. You are welcome to participate in excursions, share skills and hobbies, contribute suitable craft materials and visit on special occasions.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please see our Principal or talk to one of the staff.

Pre-School Fees

Fees for 2017 are: R1,200.00 per month over 11 months

Please note the following:A�A�

Absent Child: If your child is absent due to illness or holidays outside of normal school holidays please ensure that your fees areA�paid.

Payment of Fees:A� Cash can be placed in your child’s book in the plastic bag or payment can be made at the Midlands Christian Church Reception office.A� Fees can be paid by cash, cheque,A�EFT or direct debit. Banking details can be obtained from the office.

Discounts: Discounts are available for more than one sibling in the school. Application for a discount must be made by the parent. One of the requirements to qualify for any discount is to sign a compulsory monthly debit order.

Receipts:A� These will be placed in your child’s book after the payment has been received by the Admin Department.

After Care:A� Aftercare is available at ECA Pre-School.A� Please take note that any child collected after 3:00pm will be charged a further fee for that day.

A�School Co-Ordinator:A�Mrs. Pria Patrick

Pre-School – 036-3523725

Church – 036-3525024/5

email: pria@mccmidlands.co.za